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  • John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) -

    Comment aborder la philosophie de John Stuart Mill en évitant les clichés habituels : un penseur défini par l'empirisme, le naturalisme, l'utilitarisme,.

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  • John Stuart Mill - Utilitarianism

    "Born in London in 1806, son of James Mill, philosopher, economist and senior official in the East India Company. Mill gave a vivid and moving account of his life.

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  • Moral Universalism - By Branch / Doctrine - The Basics of Philosophy

    It is related to, but not the same as, Moral Realism (the position that certain acts . in his theory of the Categorical Imperative), John Locke, John Stuart Mill and.

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  • Réalisme - Wikiberal

    14 mai 2016 . Grâce à l'épistémologie réaliste, la science possède alors un . Le phénoménisme (William James, Alfred Ayer, John Stuart Mill, . Il critique la philosophie postmoderne et herméneutique pour ne pas faire cette distinction.

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  • Birthday Special: John Stuart Mill Issue 55 Philosophy Now

    When the name of John Stuart Mill is mooted, the words 'utilitarian', 'liberty', . some lesser known facts about this highly influential philosopher and his thinking.

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  • Le Devoir de philo - John Stuart Mill et l'Année internationale des .

    20 oct. 2012 . John Stuart Mill (1806 -1873) est l'un des philosophes et des .. politiques justes et désirables ne deviendraient jamais politiquement réalistes.

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  • Philosopher John Gray: 'We're not facing our problems. We've got .

    Apr 10, 2009 . Gray eschews all "isms", except realism, and he admits, with some ... Gray remains a fan of the 19th-century philosopher John Stuart Mill: "Not.

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  • John Stuart Mill (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

    Jan 3, 2002 . John Stuart Mill (1806-1873), British philosopher, economist, moral and political . the most influential English-speaking philosopher of the nineteenth century.. But Mill on empiricist grounds rejected this sort of Realism.

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